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Peoria Flea Market


SHOW DATE:__________2023                      SHOW HOURS: 7:30a-3p
PLACE: Expo Gardens - Peoria, IL
SET-UP TIME: Sun. 7-7:30am
ADVANCE PAYMENT FEE: $18 per 8' table  ___table(s) X $18 = $____
(payments made on day of show are cash only)

1. This contract may be voided by Show Manager if not signed and delivered by Exhibitor to Show Manager along with full amount of fee 2 weeks prior to show date.
2. Tables and chairs will be provided; no additional tables are to be brought in; tables are not to be moved from pre-arranged set-up positions.
3. Doors open at 7:00am and exhibitors will have their merchandise set-up and ready to sell by 7:30 or tables may be resold if exhibitor has not yet arrived.
4. Exhibitor will park at direction of show personnel. Improperly parked vehicles will be towed at owner's expense. Do not block doorways or walkways.
5. Exhibitor will not begin removing display until next contract is handed out at 3pm.
6. Exhibitor will remove all trash from display area before leaving.
7. Exhibitor will not sell anything consumable, nor firearms, nor anything illegal.
8. Exhibitor will not sell any noise emitting items nor connect to any electrical outlet without obtaining permission to do so from Show Manager.
9. Exhibitor will truthfully represent all items displayed or offered for sale.
10. Exhibitor will cooperate fully with all requests of Show Manager.
11. Exhibitor will not solicit for, advertise for, nor distribute flyers or promotional material for any other even on Show Date and Place listed above.
12. Exhibitor assumes all liability for their self, their personnel, their vehicles and their property and indemnifies and releases from all liability the Show Manager, his personnel, Expo Gardens and its personnel, including, but not limited to all claims, actions, damages, and expenses in connection with loss of life or property or injury.
13. NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS if exhibitor fails to participate or fails to request for such to Show Manager, in writing or by phone, prior to 7 days before Show Date for any reasons whatsoever, (this means everything including but not limited to, adverse weather, illness/death, vehicle problems).
14. Any internet generated contract may be voided by Show Manager for any reason.

Show Manager:
Aaron McCarty
P.O. Box 54
Carlock, IL 61725
(Make checks payable and mail to Aaron McCarty)
Exhibitor: ______________
Address: _______________
Phone: ________________
(I have read and understand the terms and conditions
of this contract and my signature and/or payment
signify my acceptance)
SIGNATURE __________________

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